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Letters from Santa

After a long fight, our daughter Leah, passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 21st 2010, She was 17 months old!
This site is in dedication to her and all the products designed here are or were inspired by our little angel
~~~~ We Love & Miss You Dearly Ms. Leah!

            Our Mission Statement:
Committed in Preparing and Creating that Special and Unique - Handmade Gift
for the New Mom and Dad, for Baby and as well as Grandparents to provide the most amazing gift for your 'Lil Princess!

 Hello, and Welcome to Leah's Boutique, my name is Shelly Adams... I created "Leah's Boutique" to honor my daughter after she was born. I wanted a little girl for the longest time then after having only one son for 18 years, God Blessed me with the Baby Girl that I had only dreamed about having for many years and had her at the age of 38. Things didn't turn out like my dreams were but was granted a very pretty 'lil Down Syndrome baby girl. Her name had to be "Leah Ashley" from what we had chosen those many years ago in hopes of having a baby girl some day... Meanwhile, 18 years later, Leah was born...She was in such a rush to meet her Mom and Dad, she came into this world a wee bit too early, she was born pre-maturely at 31.5 weeks.

Long story short,  Miss Leah had many problems and ended up going home to be with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ too early than I had  wanted nor expected. She passed away 4 days prior to her being only 17 months old. During her hospital stays, which she was in the hospital 14 months of her short life, I needed and wanted to create a "stay-at-home" income as I thought I would be taking care of a fragile child till God called her home. During that time, Leah's Boutique was born.

Every day at the hospital I fixed her hair and made sure she was the prettiest "Princess" in the hospital!  I even made crafts at the hospital in the PICU while spending time with Leah. I had even given away many wipe cases that I made while at the hospital to several of the new moms to be that were one of Leah's nurses that had cared for our 'Lil Angel. This is when I received the PASSION and DESIRE to make Hair bow's among other items for other Princesses to wear as well as creating gifts for baby showers, for the new mom, and just being able to and the ability to create things from a place where I could take care of my little Angel at the hospital or at home!

I am pouring out my heart here so that you know, as a potential customer, that everything I create, whether it be a Hair Bow, a Candy Bouquet, a Boutique Wipe Case, a Diaper Cake, a Custom Light Switch Cover or whatever else I might come up with or create... it is all in the name of my Princess "Leah" and want it to be special to you just as it would have been if I were to be giving it to my own daughter - I did not expect that she would be leaving us so soon.

So, "In Loving Memory" of Princess Leah... Welcome to Leah's Boutique and would love to create something beautiful for your little princess!

I would also like to invite you to please visit our Ministry Blog, "Leah's Hope" as a tribute to our daughter, Leah as well where we try to brighten other families lives who have extended stays in the hospital just as we did.
Providing Hope & Encouragement to Parents of a Critically ill Child. Leah's Boutique helps to provide the funding needed in order to financially help these families in need of support during
extended hospital stays. We would appreciate you taking the time to visit My Blog!



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